Our background

A Danish freight forwarder specialising in air- and seafreight
Carelog is a dynamic and flexible freight forwarder, which offers customised solutions and high efficiency. We are a young organisation with room for creativity and new ideas, but our experience is both solid and broad. With our strong worldwide network, we can help you no matter where you want your goods carried from or to. Our relations are strong, and our business partners know that we demand a lot of them so that we can offer our customers the best. As a result, we benefit from an extraordinary focus on our activities in the network.

Our business is about your business
We understand what your business is about, so we offer you transportation solutions that fit your needs. Always with the focus on reducing transport time and costs. In a dynamic world, things can quickly take an unexpected turn. We are therefore very conscious about the need for close on-going contact with your business partners so that we are always in a position to adapt to the situation as it develops. Often that means we have to be able to think outside the box. And we can!

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